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Dell GX280 Loud Fan Noise

Bem para quem tem o pc assim... como este video
Dica 1 Desligar o Hyper Threading
Dica 2 troca pasta térmica do cpu
Dica 3 Trocar a ventuinha por uma que não faça tanto barulho ou então --> 
Dica 4 como resolver realmente o problema trocar os dois condensadores que estão assinalados na imagem

This is one of the now infamous models that had Bad Capacitors.
Dell Optiplex GX280 Capacitor Kit
Dell Optiplex GX280 Capacitor Kit
Photos showing Dell's Optiplex GX270 and Optiplex GX280 with defective capacitors have been widely reported on Web sites such as Badcaps.net, PowerEdgeForums.com. Pictures of other faulty capacitors have been spotted on Apple's own discussion boards, MacOSG.com, and G5Support.com.

You can inspect a cap to determine if it is bad visually  and otherwise. If it has the indications of swelling, brown ooze, domed top, brown ooze at the bottom, it gets VERY HOT to the touch.    You may also hear of Capacitors described by the cuts on the top aka X or T or K or Y.
Dell OptiPlex™ SX270 / GX270 / GX280
Out of Warranty Support Program
Dell™ will provide OUT OF WARRANTY coverage in North, Central and South America for OptiPlex™SX270(UFF), GX270, GX280 systems with failed motherboards due to expanding or leaking capacitors for 5 years from date of purchase, or until 31-January-2008, whichever comes first.
Customers with qualifying out of warranty systems may contact Dell Technical Support at 1-800-822-8965 for service. Affected parts dispatched through Dell Technical Support will not be eligible for labor reimbursement. Note, WPD customers with affected systems still UNDER WARRANTY may continue to contact WPD as usual for warranty coverage.
For Systems Under Warranty
Contact Warranty Parts Direct as usual for part replacement coverage per the existing Warranty Service contract.
For Systems Out of Warranty
If an OUT OF WARRANTY desktop computer listed in the "Products Affected" section has a failed motherboard exhibiting expanding or leaking capacitors and is still within the time period described below, customers may contact Dell Technical Support at 1-800-822-8965 to have the motherboard replaced at no charge per Dell's Next Business Day service coverage program.
The motherboard replacement program is valid for 5 years from the original date of purchase of the system or January 31, 2008, whichever occurs first. Systems that fall outside the motherboard replacement offer terms may be repaired under Dell's Out of Warranty service program.
Products Affected:
SX270 USFF (Ultra Small Form Factor)
GX270 SFF, SDT, SMT (All Form Factors - Small Form Factor, Small Desktop, Small-Mini Tower)
GX280 SFF, SDT, SMT (All Form Factors - Small Form Factor, Small Desktop, Small-Mini Tower)

Para quem quiser aproveitar e substitu-lo logo todos

são precisos 26
Quantity Value Voltage Diameter
15 1800uF 6.3v 8mm
5 1500uF 6.3v 10mm
3 1000uF 16v 8mm
3 820uF 6.3v 8mm

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