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New addon #gillet #sensor #excel

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fish climbing tree

dá que pensar. ..

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como fazer backup do myplaces.kml e alterar a pasta

o ficheiro encontra-se em


para alterar a pasta de destino desse ficheiro 

abrir o regedit

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Earth Plus\KMLPath

ou Google Earth Pro

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Earth Pro\KMLPath

kmlpath in the registry

No meu caso usei uma pasta partilha do onedrive.

Não esquecer de mover a pasta "Os meus modelos de estilo"

fenix 3/tactix Bravo/quatix 3 software version 8.50

Changes made from version 8.30 to 8.50:

  • Added support for persistent sensor history data. Altimeter, Barometer and Heart Rate history graphs should now retain data after power cycling the device. The barometer history data should also be retained while switching between different plot scales.
  • Added support for communication with a VIRB 360. Also, added support for new VIRB remote commands like Sleep and Wakeup.
  • Added support for logging Heart rate range information along with time in corresponding zones to activity FIT files, which allows for displaying this information on Garmin Connect Web.
  • Fixed an issue where a failed WIFI sync after an activity could cause the Run Cadence to be invalid on the subsequent activity.
  • Fixed an issue where a '?' was being displayed on the turn direction page while navigating a course.
  • Fixed an issue where Total Descent on the Ski data page was not respecting the system elevation units.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters on the watchface were getting clipped for some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the month information on the watchface was using an incorrect glyph in Russian.
  • Fixed an issue with executing custom interval bike workouts on device.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Distance per stroke' data field for paddle sports.
  • Fixed an issue where the random seconds style for a digital watchface would only update for the top half of the screen. (Requires Display 3.70)

Changes made from version 8.20 to 8.30:

  • Improved the accuracy of step counting while walking fast.
  • Fixed an issue, where cadence settings in a workout were cut by half after being transferred to the device.
  • Fixed an issue, where the stride length average was not being calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a potential issue, where the device could crash if one were to change the dog tracker settings while an asset search was active.
  • Fixed a potential issue, where one might see a large descent value when starting a Ski activity.
  • Fixed an issue, where step goal updates on the Garmin Connect Mobile App were not syncing with device right away.
  • Fixed a potential issue, where the device might lock up when in a XC Ski activity, Row or other paddling activities.

G suite

Já testaram o gsuite da Google :)


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Tamanhos e circunferências das rodas Garmin sensor de velocidade

Calibrating Your Speed Sensor

Before you can calibrate your speed sensor, you must pair your device with a compatible speed sensor (Pairing ANT‍+® Sensors).
Manual calibration is optional and can improve accuracy.
  1. Select the action key. 
  2. Select Settings > Sensors > Speed/Cadence > Wheel Size.
  3. Select an option:
    • Select Auto to automatically calculate your wheel size and calibrate your speed sensor.
    • Select Manual

Tamanhos e circunferências das rodas

Tamanho da roda
C (mm)
12 × 1,75
14 × 1,5
14 × 1,75
16 × 1,5
16 × 1,75
18 × 1,5
18 × 1,75
20 × 1,75
20 × 1-3/8
22 × 1-3/8
22 × 1-1/2
24 × 1
24 × 3/4 Tubular
24 × 1-1/8
24 × 1-1/4
24 × 1,75
24 × 2,00
24 × 2,125
26 × 7/8
26 × 1(59)
26 × 1(65)
26 × 1,25
26 × 1-1/8
26 × 1-3/8
26 × 1-1/2
26 × 1,40
26 × 1,50
26 × 1,75
26 × 1,95
26 × 2,00
26 × 2,10
26 × 2,125
26 × 2,35
26 × 3,00
27 × 1
27 × 1-1/8
27 × 1-1/4
27 × 1-3/8
650 × 35A
650 × 38A
650 × 38B
700 × 18C
700 × 19C
700 × 20C
700 × 23C
700 × 25C
700 × 28C
700 × 30C
700 × 32C
700C Tubular
700 × 35C
700 × 38C
700 × 40C

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Youtube vs Trafego

Tabela do tráfego usado por minuto a ver youtube nas diferentes resoluções.

Como listar as extensões em Do Not Disturb e remover

Lista extensões habilitadas para DND
Se o DND estiver configurado usando o recurso DND do IP-Phone, então não há como você pode listá-los. Caso contrário, se estiver configurado usando o código do recurso FreePBX (* 78), então aqui está a maneira de fazê-lo:

Ligar via ssh :
# asterisk -rx “database show DND” or
#asterisk -rx “database show” | grep “/DND/”
# asterisk -rx "database show DND"
/DND/1002                                         : YES
/DND/1004                                         : YES
/DND/1006                                         : YES
/DND/1007                                         : YES

para remover uma extensão em DND:

# asterisk -rx “database del DND ext.”

Para activar:

# asterisk -rx “database put DND ext. YES”
Pode ser YES ou ON ou ainda 1

# asterisk -rx "database put DND 1002 YES"
Updated database successfully

# asterisk -rx "database show DND"
/DND/1002                                         : YES 

Activar a função localmente no telefone *78 and *79

[ext-local-custom] ; *999 is used for this example exten => *999,1,Macro(DND) exten => *999,n,hangup [macro-DND] exten => s,1,noop(=== macro DND written by Reza ===) exten => s,n,gotoif(${DB_EXISTS(DND/${CALLERID(num)})}?disable-dnd|1) exten => s,n,Set(DB(DND/${CALLERID(num)})=1) exten => s,n,playback(do-not-disturb) exten => s,n,playback(activated) exten => s,n,hangup exten => disable-dnd,1,noop(== DND Deactivated ==) exten => disable-dnd,n,DBDel(DND/${CALLERID(num)}) exten => disable-dnd,n,playback(do-not-disturb) exten => disable-dnd,n,playback(de-activated) exten => disable-dnd,n,hangup exten => h,1,hangup
Fonte http://www.mehrdust.com/archives/how-to-list-all-dnd-enable-extensions

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Erro SGD Já existe um outro registo com os mesmos valores.

PROBLEMA: Já existe um outro registo com os mesmos valores.
SOLUÇÃO: Verifique os dados que têm que ser únicos.
JANELA: w_grlfdocu
CÓDIGO: -268 (IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.50.FC9W3)
SQL: SQL Error -268 : Unique constraint (informix.pk_sgdfperc) violated.
ISAM Error -100: ISAM error: duplicate value for a record with unique

No changes made to database.

INSERT INTO sgdfperc ( transitaid_fperc, copiaid_dcopi, documid_fdocu,
tpreg_fdocu, cod_capli, numtrans_fperc, numregisto_fregi, pronum_fenti,
procod_fserv, protpserv_fserv, num_duorg, pronumfunc_ffunc,
datatran_fperc, transok_ftrans, motivo_fperc, destino_fperc,
numobs_fobse, dtdespacho_fperc, resumo_fperc, autor_fperc, obs_fperc,
numfunc_ffunc, automatico_fperc, datalim_fperc, cateautor_fperc,
usermovi_fuser, anexocod_capli, anexotpreg_fdocu, anexodocid_fdocu,
anexoid_fanex, descrobs_fperc ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )


transitaid_fperc = 5
copiaid_dcopi = 1
documid_fdocu = 16926
tpreg_fdocu = I
cod_capli = SGD
sgdfperc_numtrans_fperc = 5
numregisto_fregi = XXXXXXX
sgdfperc_num_duorg = 109
datatran_fperc = 03/08/2017 11:21:00
transok_ftrans = 0
sgdfperc_destino_fperc = Serv.:XXXXXX
sgdfperc_descrobs_fperc = XXXXXXX

Para solucionar a situação reportada, deverá um utilizador com permissão de Administrador, efetuar a correção de contadores, disponível em: Administração >> Manutenção >> Procedimentos >> Correção de contadores >> contador de percursos.

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Novas funcionalidades do Windows

Top new Windows features you’ll want to explore

Hello Windows Insider,
It’s amazing how fast Windows has evolved in just a few months! Since our last newsletter, we have released over 300 new features and improvements to Windows, and Windows Mobile, Insider preview builds.
This includes some big security improvements; faster, more convenient ways to store and share content; plus, one of the most requested Windows 10 features yet (more about that in a moment).
As usual, many of these updates were based on suggestions from Insiders like you. And yes, we are tracking your feedback — whether it's a resounding new feature vote from thousands in the community or an insight from a single Insider. Read how the work of two dedicated Windows Insiders helped potentially hundreds of thousands of users.
With so much to explore, you'll want to check that you have the latest Insider Preview build. Simply go to Windows Update or Phone Update in your device settings and click Check for updates. If you haven't yet installed an Insider Preview build, go here for quick and easy installation tips for Windows 10 Insider Preview and go here for quick and easy installation tips for Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview.1

Info for IT Pros

  • Windows Server — now available as an Insider Preview. We recently released the first version of the Windows Server Insider Preview Build. Download the latest version and explore improvements to: container and software-designed networking, HTTPs, time accuracy, networking transports and more. Plus, the Windows Server Core base image has been optimized and is now over 20% smaller.
  • Let’s talk security. To discuss the new security features and improvements listed below and get best-use scenarios and practices, visit the Windows 10 security space on Microsoft Tech Community.
  • Introducing Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness. In this three-part video guide, you’ll learn to leverage powerful telemetry data, gain insights and recommendations about your organization's upgrade readiness, and follow a guided workflow based on Microsoft best practices.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016. Download this free e-book to learn about the latest technology in Windows Server 2016 and what it means for your organization, including: better protection, improved datacenter efficiency, new modernization capabilities and more.
  • Learn more about Windows AutoPilot. Find out how to simplify new device setup and enable users to take a new Windows 10 device from the box to a fully configured, corporate-ready work machine in just a few clicks. There’s still time to register for the July 27th webcast and live Q&A.

New Windows 10 Insider Preview features

Here are some recent highlights, including the build number where they first appeared.2 Go to the Windows Insider blog for more details on all the latest Insider Preview builds for both PC and Mobile.
  • Get access to all the rich features in Microsoft Edge while using Application Guard. Windows Defender Application Guard for Windows 10 Enterprise provides unprecedented protection against targeted threats using Microsoft's industry leading Hyper-V virtualization technology. Building on our earlier work, we have added support for Microsoft Edge data persistence while using Application Guard. Once enabled, data such as your favorites, cookies, and saved passwords will be persisted across Application Guard sessions. Click here for steps on how to try this new feature.3 (Build 16232)
  • Introducing Exploit Protection. You can now audit, configure, and manage Windows system and application exploit mitigation settings right from theWindows Defender Security Center. (Build 16232)
  • An easier way to guard against ransomware. Controlled folder access in the Windows Defender Security Center can protect valuable data from malicious apps and threats, such as ransomware. If an app attempts to make a change to these files, and the app is blacklisted by the feature, you’ll get a notification about the attempt. (Build 16232)
  • Stay better connected. Pinned contacts display a counter if there are unseen messages. To share a file, simply drag-and-drop onto a contact to start an email — or share directly via the share picker.4 (Build 16199)
  • Free up storage space. In Storage Sense, you can choose to automatically delete files in your Downloads folder that haven't been changed for 30 days. (Build 16199)
  • A new design. The UI for Start and Action Center includes elements of our new Fluent Design System such as Acrylic Material — a cool, translucent effect. (Build 16215)
  • Pinned sites are back. We heard your feedback — and you can now pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge. (Build 16215)
  • A better handwriting experience. The new handwriting panel has more gestures, easier editing, and emoji. Fill the panel and lift your pen off the screen — the text will shift so you have room to continue writing. (Build 16215)
  • A totally new touch keyboard on PC. Enhanced text prediction, shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard, and dictation on the desktop. (Build 16215) Plus the keyboard supports 26 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. (Build 16226)5
  • OneDrive Files On-Demand. Access your files in the cloud without downloading and using storage space on your device. All your files, even online-only files, can be seen in File Explorer and work just like every other file on your device. (Build 16226)
  • Currency converter in Calculator. One of the top customer feedback requests since the launch of Windows 10 is now available for Windows Insiders to try. (Build 16226)
  • Narrator gets artificial intelligence. Now Narrator can do things like generate descriptions for images that lack alternative text. The service also includes the ability to extract text from images using optical character recognition. (Build 16226)

Info for Developers

  • Windows Template Studio 1.2 has been released. Accelerate the creation of new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps using a wizard-based experience. The latest release includes new features, pages, and functionality, such as the ability to add new content to your existing project with right-click. Go here to download.
  • Announcing UWP Community Toolkit 1.5. Highlights include four new controls and a new powerful Composition expression builder to help build out complex animations with the Composition API. Get more details on the toolkit.
  • Try the latest Windows Preview SDK. With Windows 10 Insider Previews, we are regularly releasing updates to the SDK. Get the latest updates to the SDK, including loads of new APIs and bug fixes that have come in since the last Microsoft Build Developer Conference.
You can follow the lead for the Windows Insiders Program, Dona Sarkar, on Twitter @donasarkar. For other updates on the program, including special events and activities, follow us on Twitter @windowsinsider.
Thanks, as always, for being a Windows Insider.
Fonte The Windows Insider Team


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