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Citações [Frases Pensamentos]

Descrição: Frase fontes
By Rui Melo
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Garmin Fenix 3 version 4.90 to 5.00:

Changes made from version 4.90 to 5.00:

  • Added support for Connect IQ SDK 1.2.1.
  • Added Ascent and Descent elevation alerts (Settings > Apps > Alerts > Elevation).
  • Added support for 'repeating' sports in a multisport profile (Settings > Apps > Multi Sport Profile > Repeat). This is useful for events such as 'Swimrun'. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swimrun).
  • Added support for on device course creation (Navigation > Courses). New data fields such as next waypoint, distance to next waypoint, ETA to next waypoint, ETE to next waypoint etc. were introduced in conjunction with this feature.
  • Added new Hands and Background analog watch face options (requires Display firmware version 2.90).
  • Improved consistency and accuracy of altimeter auto calibration (performed during a GPS activity). Notes: GPS and manual calibration points will be used to determine the best overall calibration possible. A secondary step when acquiring a GPS fix at activity start will help denote a more accurate fix for altitude purposes (yellow to green ring indication). Settings > Sensors > Altimeter > Auto Cal. is now an On/Off setting as the 'Once' and 'Continuous' settings are no longer necessary. Use Settings > Sensors > Altimeter > Calibrate to calibrate the Altimeter to a known altitude.
  • Improved altimeter and barometer accuracy in watch mode (when not performing a GPS activity). Note: use Settings > Sensors > Altimeter > Calibrate or press START from the Altimeter widget to calibrate the Altimeter to a known altitude.
  • Improved vibration profiles to be differentiated based on alert type.
  • Improved reliability of 'Weather' widget on iOS.
  • Improved ability to detect time zone changes without a GPS fix (requires connection to Garmin Connect Mobile app and time set to 'Auto' on device, Settings > System > Time > Set Time).
  • Improved activity tracking step calculation accuracy for certain use cases.
  • Fixed potential issue with a Foot Pod sensor dropping out as a source for speed.
  • Fixed an issue where key presses would not work, if a low battery notification was received when the unit was locked.
  • Fixed potential issue with manual altimeter calibration during a GPS activity.
  • Fixed issue with Tempe sensor connectivity.
  • Fixed a potential issue with exiting the 'Find Phone' app.
  • Fixed a potential issue with storm alerts not working in certain use cases.
  • Fixed a potential issue with a Foot Pod sensor being incorrectly used as the source for distance accrual.
  • Fixed issue with storing a large number of saved locations.


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