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TBOplayer – a GUI front end for Omxplayer

This video is about Ken Thompson’s work on TBOplayer. (KenT on the Raspberry Pi forums, KenT2 on Github – where you can download his work.)


Ken’s written a GUI (graphical user interface) for Omxplayer – the only video player currently available which can utilise the full capabilities of the Raspberry Pi’s GPU. (Graphics Processing Unit).

The reason he did this was for a museum display, where they want to play four different videos which are to be user-selectable by pressing buttons. Ken needed to complete the project for £500 or under. And the Raspberry Pi seemed like a good place to start.

TBOplayer is written in Python and Tkinter. You can check out the code at GitHub


This was filmed on location in the wilds of Milton Keynes at the National Museum of Computing, where many rare species of computer still live in their natural habitats. The MK Raspberry Jam was so “happening” that I had to overdub the video as there was so much background noise from these and other wild creatures known as geeks.


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