domingo, dezembro 29, 2019

raspberry pi + dns crypt


  • Install location shall be /opt. This is where we will place the dnscrypt-proxy files.
    cd /opt
  • Download DNSCrypt.
    sudo wget
  • Extract prebuilt binary.
    sudo tar -xf dnscrypt-proxy-linux_arm-2.0.19.tar.gz`
  • Rename the extracted folder.
    sudo mv linux-arm dnscrypt-proxy
  • cd into extracted directory.
    cd dnscrypt-proxy
  • Create a configuration file based on the example one.
    sudo cp example-dnscrypt-proxy.toml dnscrypt-proxy.toml
  • Edit the toml file.
    sudo nano dnscrypt-proxy.toml
  • Edit the port, since 53 is already being used by Pi-Hole. This is the listen_addresses line.
  • I set listen_addresses = ['','[::1]:54'].
  • I set require_dnssec = true.
  • I set server_names = [''].
  • Install dnscrypt-proxy service.
    sudo ./dnscrypt-proxy -service install
  • Start the new service.
    sudo ./dnscrypt-proxy -service start

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